**this webpage has no association with the gambling commission whatsoever it is regarding failure for Medical Self Exclusion and Failures to Self Exclude by Gambling Websites - we understand that each juristiction should have one in place- we would like to legally challenge any failures and flaws that we encounter - along with a review of the publics personal details shared across gaming networks, we offer freedom to explain your situation if you have not been helped with regards to any situation with a gambling company online, so as a group we can expose this.**

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Failure to be Self Excluded with a medical reason by 888 gambling network for 9 years.





The journey has only just begun.




You will be reading this if you have suffered from a gambling addiction that has had a massive impact on all aspects of your life, mind, body and soul, and that of others close to you.  You may be at various stages of your journey to recover but if you’ve had enough of the grip and injustice that gambling has had on your life, you will join us on this part of the journey. This is part of the journey may in-fact prove to be the saviour of you as it may you fully comprehend, as I now have, the scale of subtle injustices that have amplified your addiction. These subtle injustices have preyed upon the underlying mental health conditions you have most likely suffered as a product or consequence of your addiction. For me these subtle injustices have preyed upon a depression that has been deep routed in my life for a long time.




You may also be reading this if you are a part of the gambling industry (group two). By being part of the industry we are not only referring directly to you, the gambling companies, we are referring to the braches of your industry that are involved with.  Whether that’s the gambling commission, Ecogra, the Maltese Government, the British government, the Channel Islands, Gibraltor and of course many more.  We know you are all linked and all benefit from our addi ctions and mental health problems are now we are suggesting to you that we are standing united and will bring justice against you, no matter how invincible or powerful you think you are. As a collective, we are more powerful, you will see this. Justice will always come out when there’s a strong will. In our cases, our strong wills are borne from the fact that that your actions have stolen years of our lives and made us live in misery. Well sirs, we are setting ourselves free now at your expense, just as you have profited from our vulnerabilities.




To both audiences- I will put a scenario or two for you to ponder:


-           If you entered a pub in your home town, perhaps this pub is linked in business-terms to a few other pubs (let’s face it, the chances are they will be) and realise one day that you are either a problem drinker or an alcoholic and you inform the management and or owners of the premises that you are an addict and wish for them not to serve you alcohol anymore because it has a detrimental effect to your health, it would be reasonable to surmise that the next time you tried to get a drink in this pub, you would not be allowed to. It would be reasonable to surmise that the owner of the pub would not send a leaflet through your door after you had said this, to offer you an incentive to drink again.




-         Another scenario you can ponder is this: If you’re addicted to heroin, crack cocaine or any other illegal drug, it would be safe to surmise that your drug dealer knows that you are addicted to this drug. Furthermore, it would be reasonable to believe, that since you are involved in an illegal activity, your drug dealer does not in the slightest bit care that you are addicted to his product. In fact, your dealer welcomes the fact that you’re an addict and he welcomes the loyal and repeat custom you will bring to your dealer to line his pockets. Your dealer cares not that you may be killing yourself physically and mentally or that you steal from your family or others to fund your addiction. Your dealer knows that if you ever give up/die, there’ll a be a new addict at his doors that same day.




So do you see the analogies I have created here? To me they are simple because I’ve found empowerment through beating my addiction and I am very fair person and wish to treated fairly, as I treat others fairly. When I am not treated fairly, I am relentless in correcting an injustice and have never lost. To those in group two- it is very simple also.




For me personally, my journey has been a long one and this has resulted in me having experiences with many many online casino sites and high street bookmakers. When you are within the grips of your addiction, you will gamble. It doesn’t matter whether you have self-excluded yourself from numerous sites, because the people in group two allow you to do this. Have you ever wondered why new casino sites suddenly appear and others disappear? Quite simply it’s just the renaming of the casino.  What it is now very obvious to me (I have evidence) is that one of several companies control numerous of the these sites.

What we have here in simple terms is a cartel, made up of a number of companies and powerful institutions.  

Just as Pablo Escobar’s cartel was worth billions, so too is this gambling cartel. Pablo could not have made the money that he made without help. We know this is fact- just watch Narcos (I highly recommend this, it’s one of my favourites). But, pablo’s cartel was the trading of cocaine, an illegal drug. Gambling is completely legal. Of course, gambling has always existed and always will. What we need to ponder is though, that a cartel/drug dealers that deal with illegal drugs care not for rules, they are after all trading in an act that is against the law, therefore they care not for the lives they are ruining. But if you compare the completely legal act of gambling, the consequences to the individual can be similar can’t they? So, therefore, as this isa legal practice, you would believe that the practice is regulated fairly and monitored. Well you’d think so, but hey guess what, it isn’t.  These companies are asked to contribute, yes contribute, a very small percentage of their profits (this is probably a tax write-off anyhow) to supporting problem gambling. Think of smoking. The government knows of the health implications of smoking but by placing 80/90% tax on a ten pound packet of cigarettes, they kind of have the money to deal with the health implications.  Smoking advertising was banned many years ago. Smoking packets have pictures of horrid physical conditions. So why are we inundated with gambling adverts each day of our lives? Why do gambling adverts not have pictures of depressed or suicidal people on their adverts? Very simply, because the industry is a cartel and there are no regulations. They regulate themselves.




Now on the theme of adverts consider this: Have you self-barred from a casino or gambling company? The chances are if you’re addict you would have done this at least once of twice. For me, I’ve done this more times than I can remember and sadly more times that I can properly provide evidence for. So to self-ban is you admitting you have a problem. What other explanation is there to self-ban? But just to spell it out, I have always self-banned and told them I have a problem. This is you taking responsibility for your problem and trying to tackle it. What you would reasonably expect is for the companies in question not to allow you to gamble anymore wouldn’t it? Not to send text messages, emails even flyers through the door encouraging you to gamble. Well surely it can’t be just me that this happens to can it? Have a think about this. Understand you are dealing with a cartel here that cares not for your health and wellbeing, they care solely for their profits, just as the drug dealer does. Just as the pub owner does, but the pub owner will act because he fears by continuing to serve the alcoholic, he will lose his license and his business. The cartel do not fear this because there is nothing to fear. They regulate themselves. Perhaps they will soon us, those of us that have evidence to prove their negligence and deliberate targeting of vulnerable people.  




I promise you that things will change and I promise you that the cartel knew all along that their unregulated profits would eventually come to an end, yet despite the issue now creeping into the media and politics, this change is still some years off.  There will still be much more suffering and lives ruined in that time. The time that the cartel squeeze their last unregulated profits from the vulnerable.  Just take a look at the share prices of the big gambling companies after the conservatives’ sneak preview of further regulation they have been pressurised to bring in to FOBTs. The share prices rose of course because they are still going to allow £25-£50 bets per spin on FOBTs. As an addict knows, the ability to bet £25 a spin will not deter us from our compulsive and irrational acts.  Labour have it in their manifesto that they will reduce the maximum bet to £2 a spin. I won’t get political here because labour are the ones that allowed the cartel to form in the first place with the introduction of the gambling act.




I will be getting justice personally but hopefully, with a small amount of personal effort, we can get it collectively. All I will ask from you is that you trawl through all your evidence-based records that relate to any gambling or casino company you have ever dealt with. Even high street bookmakers. Because surely if you walk into a high street bookmaker and ask to be banned you shouldn’t be allowed to play the online version of their casino later that day or the week after? For me, I have three email addresses so this is a time consuming event. Like me, many of you may have deleted relevant emails just to forget the events of what had happened in your despair at losing all of your money and most likely money that wasn’t yours. But, you will have to check every mailbox thoroughly. The receieved emails, sent, junk, spam, starred etc. You may well be surpised what you’ll find in your junk and spam boxes! I can tell you that after several hours of hard trawling I have plenty of evidence linking the directed marketing to me by companies I have self excluded from me.




We will communicate further.  Get to work.  If you want justice then give us the evidence.




A loyal friend/emerging enemy (to audience two)